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To focus on individual expressions of alignment, modifications, curiosity and self care in Yoga and Pilates; to explore mindfulness, meditation and deep relaxation techniques and introduce teens and children to helpful lifestyle choices; to look at how heath modalities like acupuncture, osteopathy, nutrition and massage can support experiences around pain management, stress and pregnancy related symptoms; to ask questions, be curious about the answers and explore different ideas to create an individualised view because there is no one size fits all set of cues for every body.

Can Mindfulness Really Improve Our Lives?

Breathing…just breathing. Well, not ‘just breathing’ because I’m thinking about breathing. And repeating the word breathing to myself…

My earliest attempts at meditation were accompanied by a constant internal commentary. I preferred guided meditations to being left alone with my mind. When I was given a mantra at a Satyananda retreat in Rikhiapeeth I was relieved to have been given something to do. It took me (and it is taking me) a long time to get comfortable sitting quietly with my breath and the thoughts without trying to do something with them.


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Why do we do Downward Facing Dog?

Red faced and mangled, half upside down, only shreds of breath, my wrists were sore, my hands were slipping, my knees and my elbows were stressed. From somewhere in the room I heard the sound of someone saying that Downward Facing Dog was a resting posture. I laughed out loud. 

Yoga felt good enough that I was curious and wanted to do more, but awkward enough that I just didn't feel like things were working in the way that they were being described to me. I was experiencing a good bit of strain and the occasional injury. It was time to look deeper. 

Downward dog posture

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