Mum and Baby

Mother and Baby Yoga

Heal your post partum self, deepen your bond with baby and create a calming sense of well being for both of you. Combining Yoga and Pilates, this postnatal class is designed to help new mum's restore strength and flexibility while having fun with baby and hangin' with other new mums.  We will work gently towards restoring alignment, stimulating overstretched pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and relieving tension in the back and neck. Yoga play with baby stimulates motor and vision skills, encourages confidence in movement, coordination and body awareness.

Baby Massage (CIMI)

Improve baby's health and have fun together. Learn specific strokes and stretches for baby during this period of rapid growth and development. Infant massage can ease digestive difficulties, encourage communication and bonding and help babies to settle. It can be particularly important for pre-mature or smaller babies. Most health plans cover the entire cost of the course!


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“…I like Michele’s attitude. She brings life to the yoga ethos and encourages individuality in each pose. She provides a safe place to ask questions and gain confidence.” -Finnoula

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Michele’s understanding of the more therapeutic applications of Yoga and Pilates make her a great fit for our clients at Milltown Physiotherapy. Her clinic classes are consistently busy and our clients report increased strength and flexibility. She is a great…

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“Michele is great at giving tips and variations enabling you to adapt the exercise to your needs. She is really motivational.” Jessica

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“Really enjoyable and social learning environment that resulted in happy babies and moms! Oisne always slept so well after the class, which was great for us girls who always managed to go for a peaceful lunch afterwards!" Sadhbh and Oisne

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"I can genuinely say that Michele was the first teacher who inspired my love of yoga. As a teacher Michele has a really nice balance, in that she can teach students about the more serious aspects of yoga but always…

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